‘Exit the Highway’ to See More Birds… and Win a Prius v!

Have you ever kayaked around New York City, rambled through a prairie in Illinois, or gone birding in San Diego?

Toyota and the National Audubon Society have teamed up to ask Americans to Exit the Highway this summer and pledge to spend more time taking scenic roads to nature.

The campaign, which highlights nearly 100 nature destinations in more than 60 cities, is also rewarding nature seekers. For every initial pledge and for every photo of a nature stop shared online at ExitTheHighway.com, participants are entered to win a Toyota Prius v.

Constitution MarshGoose Lake Prairie State Park, and Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary are just three examples of destinations where you can connect with nature while enjoying the company of a breadth of bird species.

  • Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary is located on the eastern shore of the Hudson River. Even though the sanctuary is only a short distance from New York City, it offers an escape for urbanites and naturalists alike. The marsh is irreplaceable habitat and provides refuge to wildlife of the Hudson River Estuary. Common breeding birds like Marsh Wren, Louisiana Waterthrush, Spotted Sandpiper, Virginia Rail and many others can be spotted during treks along Jim's Walk, the marsh's 700-foot boardwalk. The path is accessible to families, birders, artists, or anyone who wants to experience the deepest stretches of the beautiful Hudson.
  • Goose Lake Prairie is located approximately 50 miles southwest of Chicago and is a fun and easy daytrip from the Windy City. More than half of Goose Lake Prairie is a dedicated nature preserve, protected by law for future generations from any change to the natural environment. Visitors to the State Park can enjoy views of the natural prairie that provides habitat to dozens of species of birds such as the American Bittern, King Rail, Wilson's Snipe, Henslow's Sparrow, and Sedge Wren (an Audubon species of concern).
  • The 757-acre Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary, located near Lakeside, CA, is owned and maintained by San Diego Audubon. The sanctuary is comprised of prime coastal habitat and riparian woodland. Visitors can partake in hiking, guided walks, bird watching, and more. Over 324 native plant species and 124 bird species have been recorded, including migrating favorites such as bluebirds, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, flycatchers, towhees, wrens, and goldfinches. Numerous reptile and mammal species call the sanctuary home as well.

To start planning your nature adventure, take the pledge at ExitTheHighway.com. Earn bonus entries into the Toyota Prius v sweepstakes by sharing photos tagged with #exitthehighway via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts or manually uploading photos at ExitTheHighway.com.

You have until September 4, 2012 to pledge and enter to win the Toyota Prius v so continue exploring nature in your backyard and sharing your experience.

We hope you enjoy taking the scenic route.


Elizabeth Sorrell

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