Requirements of Grantees

Applications for the 2014 Toyota TogetherGreen Innovation Grants are now closed, please check back for more information.

Each successful grantee must meet the following requirements:

1. Partner organization: Applicants from within the Audubon network must partner with at least one organization from outside the Audubon network. Non-Audubon applicants should have an Audubon group as one of their partners whenever possible. Our goal in requiring non-Audubon partners is to help applicants engage new audiences in their work, get new perspectives, and achieve results that they would not otherwise be able to achieve. We encourage you to think of organizations whose missions differ from your own, but with whom you can find common ground. Also consider how your project might help reach their goals as well as yours. A successful partnership helps each partner achieve something that they could not achieve alone. You can search for Audubon national and state offices, Centers, and certified Chapters here. Partners’ roles will vary; in some cases, they might receive the majority of the funding, but in other cases they might play a smaller role. However, there should be a meaningful role for all partner organizations.

2. Project Leader: Each applicant must assign one individual as a leader for the project. This individual will become the primary project contact to the Innovation Grant program staff, be required to attend the in-person training, and be responsible for promoting, seeking media attention for the project and speaking on behalf of the project.

3. Training commitment: The Innovation Grants program is designed not just to fund projects, but to provide professional development opportunities for all grantees. Thanks to Toyota, we have funding for one representative from each project team (your Project Leader) to attend a professional development workshop from December 8 – 13, 2014. Workshop sessions will focus on conservation planning, communications, outreach, evaluation, fundraising, and other topics that will help strengthen participants’ conservation work beyond the scope of individual projects. The workshop will also provide participants with opportunities to network with other Grantees and Fellows, as well as discuss conservation strategies, grant administration, evaluation, reporting, and other issues related to project management. Direct costs associated with the workshop, including travel and lodging, will be covered by Toyota TogetherGreen.

*In applying for this grant, you are committing to sending your Project Leader to attend this six-day event.

4. Financial and program reporting: Grantees will be responsible for financial and program reporting twice during the grant period. The first report will be due after the mid-point of the grant term. A final report describing all actions associated with the grant will be due after the completion of the grant period. Reporting guidelines will be discussed at the fall workshop. Audubon staff may visit grantees for on-site and off-site audits.