Partner Organization: FrontRange Earth Force

Boulder, Colorado
Grant Amount: $35432
Year: 2008

TogetherGreen Schools

Helping Kids Green Their Schools and Communities

Through the Toyota TogetherGreen Schools project, funded with an Innovation Grant, Audubon Colorado and FrontRange Earth Force partnered to help students and teachers discover that they have the power to tackle climate change and make a real difference at their schools and in their communities.

Teachers from four middle schools in low-income Denver communities learned about energy use and how it relates to global warming, took a close look at their schools’ energy budgets and then, with the help of their students, developed plans to curb their schools’ energy use. The projects and actions were all in students’ hands – teaching them about energy efficiency and how to design and implement a project to significantly reduce energy use.

Public schools spend more than $8 billion on energy every year. That’s money most schools desperately need for education, and with new, more efficient technologies, they shouldn’t have to spend so much on heating and electricity. By helping reduce their schools’ energy budgets, students in the Toyota TogetherGreen-funded program helped free up resources to help them get the education they deserve. And by taking part in the project, students gained skills and tools to become community leaders.


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