Coldwater River Stewardship Cooperative

Landowners Work Together to Protect Headwaters

If a river is polluted and struggling near its source, wildlife and people all along its course are going to feel the effects. In Holly Springs, Mississippi, Strawberry Plains Audubon Center and various state and federal partners, with the support of a Toyota TogetherGreen Innovation Grant, partnered to encourage people along the Coldwater River to learn about the headwaters and to take action to keep its habitats healthy and thriving.

Most of the land along the Coldwater River is still rural and in the hands of private landowners. Sprawl from Memphis is nearing the Coldwater River and the future of the headwaters will depend on smart development practices and some foresight. Strawberry Plains Audubon Center and partners have used their Toyota TogetherGreen grant to establish a landowner stewardship cooperative, whose members meet to learn about threats to the Coldwater River watershed and develop conservation plans. 

The Coldwater River Stewardship Cooperative demonstrates how to maintain healthy habitat in ways that support landowners’ interests and area wildlife. The partners are confident that their work with the Cooperative will have real conservation results and inspire other landowners to take action and protect their own land.

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