Viviana Vallin

Empowering Los Angeles Urban Audubon Youth

Viviana Vallin's project will focus on protecting habitat for targeted species and landscapes with a multi-faceted approach that engages urban Audubon youth in Los Angeles. The first part will offer year-long Community Action Project fellowships to two selected Arroyo Green Team members. They will design their own project to restore, increase, protect, or promote native habitats in their community. Each member will have the opportunity to decide on project design, location, methods, and goals using the Open Standards for Conservation Planning. Viviana will support and facilitate their brainstorming and planning. They will present a summary of their project at the end of the year to members, Audubon staff, their families, and the community. Viviana's project will also launch the Audubon Environmental Youth Summits. These meetings will bring together youth involved with Audubon programs throughout Los Angeles to gather and learn about current issues in conservation. Her goal is to have three meetings that bring together youth from Pasadena, Los Angeles, San Fernando, and other local areas. The summits will tackle issues such as pollutants in habitats, water conservation, and the importance of open space to both people and wildlife. Success will be measured by attendance at summit meetings and by action that will come from youth after being introduced to the background behind these important environmental issues. There are different components to this project; however, they are complimentary in offering Audubon youth opportunities to grow as conservation leaders and in giving them a forum to take action for issues they care about.

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