Molly Tsongas

Empowering the Next Generation of Wildlife Conservationists

When told that one third of all animals and plants could be gone forever within her lifetime, Molly Tsongas decided it was time to act on three strongly held beliefs:
1) The Millennial generation cares deeply about animals and plants
2) The biodiversity movement needs fun, personal and out-of-the-box ideas to activate youth
3) If local people protect local species, we can collectively protect the web of life.

From these beliefs sprouted Molly's Fellowship project, TATZOO, a fresh new approach that fuses tattoo art with endangered species conservation. Molly thinks that tattoos can be the motivation for Millennials to unleash their creative ideas, fearless attitudes, and social connectivity to mobilize their communities to protect local biodiversity. The project focuses on California, where over 300 threatened or endangered species are fighting to survive, including local sea otters, blue whales, condors, spotted owls, butterflies, red-legged frogs, thistles, garter snakes, and more.

Through Tatzoo, Molly engaged young Californians to help a local endangered species in California and left them with custom artwork donated by world-class tattoo artists in the SF Bay Area. It's time to wear species protection on our sleeve.

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