Melanie Allen

Engaging Limited-Resource Landowners in Farm and Forest-based Conservation for Water Quality Improvements

Melanie will work to engage limited-resource landowners and landowners of color in conservation planning and to improve their access to conservation resources in order to improve water quality. She will facilitate the development of conservation plans in at least two communities with a high concentration of limited-resource landowners and landowners of color in eastern North Carolina. The purpose of her project is to build capacity through engagement. She will work with partner organizations to facilitate a conservation plan authored by the very group of landowners that is often left out of conversations about land and water planning and priorities. This process will include highlighting this forgotten community's legacy of conservation and using that as a launching point for building a future in which this group of landowners is deliberate, strategic, and accountable to one another for achieving their conservation goals. We will use those points of intersection to garner resources for their work and strengthen relationships and communications with others working to improve their watershed.

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