Laura McCarthy

Our Community Gardens for Urban Birds

"This project focuses on advancing Audubon's bird-friendly communities conservation strategy, acknowledging that urban communities play an integral role in nurturing healthy wildlife populations. For her project, Laura will partner with two urban non-profit organizations teeming with community leaders -- Historic Albany Foundation (HAF) and Capital District Community Gardens (CDCG) -- for the purpose of enhancing urban habitat through bird-friendly gardens Albany and Troy.

The activities include revamping the downtown Hidden City Garden tour to include a habitat focus. Participants will pledge to maintain native plants, eliminate artificial fertilizers and unnatural pest controls, provide food and cover for nectar seeking hummingbirds, and contribute to citizen science by tapping into Audubon's Hummingbirds at Home program. The project will culminate in community volunteer workdays to provide CDCG sites with needed habitat enhancement, including invasive control and native plantings to supplement food production plots. Results include increased stopover habitat providing food and cover for birds and will effectively showcase demonstration sites to other homeowners during the 2014 spring tour. Further, Audubon resources and programming will reach the community through the HAF library and joint programming with the local Audubon chapter and CDCG."

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