John Wright

Agua es Vida Leadership Training

"This project was designed by an ad hoc group of conservationists, called Querencia Institute, who saw a need for a more formally established water conservation program for youth in which students could earn school credit as an incentive for completing the program. This conservation action project will train youth to become leaders in water conservation and increase water conservation efforts in the community. Working with a committee of conservation activists, educators, and professionals, John Wright will develop a dynamic youth training program that will educate youth on local water conservation issues through both classroom seminar work and hands-on, community-based projects.

Students will meet at school or a community location for classroom training in water conservation basics and leadership skills. The students will go on a tour of sites across the state to learn more about various water conservation projects and about the long cultural histories throughout the state around water conservation. The tour will build on the students’ understanding of water conservation by helping them understand water conservation through diverse cultural frameworks still present in the rural communities of New Mexico.

The training program will culminate with students organizing workshops for community youth groups and other partners to build and implement water conservation technology. This technology may include rainwater harvesting installations, grey water use installations, earthworks used to harvest runoff, home or industry water audits, etc. The workshop will enable the students to challenge their communication, leadership, and planning skills, as well as to learn basic building and construction techniques."

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