John Nelson

The Audubon Moment—Environmental Education Through Radio Public Service Announcements

In 2010 John Nelson began producing a series of radio public service announcements (PSAs) entitled The Audubon MomentÂť. His goal was to try to engage the general public in the simple act of discovering what was in their backyards. He have done that in a very limited media market on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Now, he would like to expand The Audubon Moment into new media markets through a partnership with public radio, sponsoring local Audubon chapters and local school districts. He also plans to connect listeners to their local Audubon chapters through a new website developed for The Audubon Moment and expand the message of environmental advocacy through a knowledge of birding and Florida's emphasis on special places as they relate to the environment. Finally, John plans to provide The Audubon Moment to Spanish-speakers with a Spanish version of The Audubon Moment.

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