Earl Conway

Southwest Adapt-a-Cove

The Southwest Adapt-a-Cove project objective is to bring together state and federal agencies with volunteer organizations to restore the shoreline and littoral zone environments at Elephant Butte Reservoir in south-central New Mexico.  The reservoir suffers from "old reservoir" syndrome with eroded shorelines and a lack of vegetation.  While the project uses the proven approach of adoption by volunteer organizations, the name of the project brings attention to the need to bring innovation and an adaptive management philosophy to adapt to the current drought conditions and future challenges from climate change.  The project will involve a retirement community and a local student population. The final objective is to establish a long-term cooperative program between local volunteer organizations and agencies to restore and maintain an adaptive, diverse native vegetation plan for the shoreline that will support local wildlife including improved habitat for fish, endangered flycatchers, and desert wildlife that have suffered from the current drought.

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