Darryl Haddock

Engaging West Atlanta's Urban Water Communities in Watershed Stewardship

"Proctor Creek was recently selected as one of 18 communities to benefit from the Urban Waters Federal Partnership. Although this selection entails increased attention to Proctor Creek neighborhoods, it does not guarantee community residents a voice in the process of watershed revitalization. West Atlanta Watershed Alliance intends to fill this gap by preparing a team of watershed stewards at the Proctor Creek Watershed Stewardship Council, comprised of neighborhood residents who will advocate for the creek and its residents, facilitate creek cleanups, work to revitalize the creek and the surrounding community, and pass on their knowledge to the next generation of leaders.

The stewardship council members and other volunteers will participate in the Proctor Creek Watershed Academy. They will learn the scientific concepts behind watershed management and discuss the sociopolitical processes that have led to degraded urban watersheds. Members will host several intergenerational creek cleanups with youth participants in order to share their knowledge about the creek, to impart value on caring for the creek, to build camaraderie around creek stewardship, and to prepare the youth as future leaders for watershed conservation. Participants will also evaluate the extent of water quality degradation in Proctor Creek using water-specific indicators and indicators that connect water to community health and socioeconomic conditions."

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