Claire Fitzgerald

School of Environmental Leadership

"The Marin School of Environmental Leadership (MarinSEL) is a magnet school integrated with Terra Linda High School (TLHS) and supported by Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI). MarinSEL offers a multi-disciplinary project-based education with a focus on environmental issues. The curriculum is designed to engage students of diverse backgrounds and create community leaders. Each semester, student groups identify an environmental issue in their community and design and implement a conservation project. Their projects address water conservation, energy efficiency, and habitat protection. Previous projects include diverting school waste by 40 percent through zero waste campaigns; testing mercury contamination in Bay Area water; restoring the school garden, obtaining certification, and selling produce in the farmer's market; implementing a school composting system; conducting environmental audits of businesses; and investigating and removing marine debris at local beaches.

Despite the success of these projects, without an organized facilitation system, teachers re-create the wheel every year, jeopardizing the quality of MarinSEL student-learning and conservation projects. This Toyota TogetherGreen action project will develop replicable project design frameworks and guidelines for 9th, 10th, and 11th grades and facilitate two semesters of conservation projects. Primary activities will include mentoring students, supporting teachers, and establishing relationships with community partners. In addition Claire will capture and quantify project results, evaluation, and feedback to develop guidelines, frameworks and facilitation processes for successful implementation in future years. This will empower generations of students to address environmental issues and provide SEI with the tools to expand the School of Environmental Leadership model to other campuses in the future."

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