Andreas Karelas


San Francisco, California
Year: 2013

Andreas Karelas

RE-volv: People-funded renewable energy

RE-volv's purpose is to fight climate change by building a groundswell of community support for renewable energy. RE-volv achieves its mission using a three-tiered strategy. The first tier is to empower individuals who care about climate change to deploy renewable energy by investing in a revolving fund for solar.  The second tier is to grow the solar industry through each installation.  The third tier is to raise awareness in the communities RE-volv serves about the benefits of solar energy. RE-volv works with community-centers to reach their members with the resources people need to investigate solar for themselves. RE-volv's conservation goals are to reduce the threat of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing fossil fuel energy use through solar energy. RE-volv's people goals are to help those who can't afford solar panels themselves to participate in building a clean energy future, to lower energy bills for deserving nonprofit and cooperative organizations that serve their community, and to educate people about the environmental and cost-savings benefits of solar energy.

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