Amanda Rockler

Watershed Stewards Academy—Restoring our Streams, Empowering our Communities

Amanda plans to implement new and support existing Watershed Stewards Academy (WSA) programs and create a statewide WSA program.  The Watershed Stewards Academy is a mechanism for behavior change and is a new and innovative way to move citizens to action around the issues of water and habitat conservation. The goal of developing a statewide Watershed Stewards Academy is to develop a well-educated, geographically and otherwise diverse set of community storm water experts, or stewards, trained to work together with their watershed groups and regional experts to help educate the broader communities about the problems and solutions for storm water pollution. Further, these stewards will stimulate, guide and implement local fixes to storm water management problems. Through Watershed Stewards Academies, communities will be able to make change on a large scale with assistance from local experts, the best possible technologies, and resources funneled to these local levels.  The goal of the Academy is to train 50-60 community leaders per year. They will become active storm water leaders in their communities and implement innovative storm water projects in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  The WSA program integrates the Toyota TogetherGreen water and habitat conservation goals, and Amanda seeks to make the Watershed Stewards Academy a possible template for other major metropolitan areas to address community engagement and conservation.

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