Amanda Duren

Turning Ohio's Lights Out to Save Migratory Birds

The purpose of Ohio Lights Out is to reduce the number of migratory birds killed by collisions by encouraging more targeted usage and an overall reduction of lighting. One objective of Ohio Lights Out is to develop an educational campaign about reducing bird collisions for building owners, managers, and residents in urban areas. The campaign will include brochures, a webinar, and workshops on how to reduce dangers for nocturnally migrating birds. The campaign is expected to reach at least 3,000 individuals in the first year. The second objective is to enroll buildings in Ohio Lights Out through a pledge to reduce lighting. Project leaders will email and call building owners and managers that attended webinars and workshops and discuss concerns or questions about lighting reductions. By the end of the program's second year, project leaders expect to have enrolled at least 30 buildings in the program.

Learn more about the project by visiting their website and Facebook page

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